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How to Ski a Powder Run on Skis

Remember – Its Position Not Strength, this is What Works in Powder

I find that many recreational skiers, especially in the East, have a problem skiing powder. After all, we don’t get linear feet of the stuff all that often. Most recreational skiers make two basic mistakes when skiing powder, first they over turn their skis and two they lean back. This combination creates frustration and a cry for more grooming. Remember these simple tips on the next powder day…

Ski the slope in sections; always know where you are going to stop before you start to ski. This will give you a goal. It doesn’t matter if its two turns or five turns away. Don’t over turn your skis; let the friction of the snow slow you down. Stand tall between turns, this will move your hips over your feet and allow you stay in a balanced position. Skiing the slope in sections is a powerful technique because if you can make three great turns and stop and repeat that again and again you’ll have a great over all run and not be worn out from the falls that occur on the fourth and fifth turn! Plus this will build confidence that will eventually allow you to ski longer sections.

Not over turning your skis is very important in deep snow. Remember the friction of the snow will slow your skis down and if you allow this to happen you will notice that the turn initiation will become much easier and you’ll have more energy to ski consistently in the section of slope you have chosen to ski. And finally standing tall between turns will provide you with an athletic stance that will take the pressure off of your thighs and allow your position to turn the skis rather than your strength. And the result will be that you’ll be able to stop at the location you originally selected at the top of your section of the slope.

Remember, powder skiing is the ultimate experience on skis and if you approach it in this manner you can begin to unlock the magic that awaits you when you ski powder with position and not strength.

Dan Egan ‘87’ runs ski camps at Killington Resort, Big Sky Montana and Val D Isere France. Contact Dan at or check out the schedule at

Powder Magazine names Dan Egan one of the “Top Skiers of All Time.” Dan Egan established his reputation as one of the premier adventure skiers in the world and appeared in 12 Warren Miller Ski films. Egan leads and participates in adventure travel trips ranging from the Alps to the Arctic.

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