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All-Terrain Skiing II Program

All-Terrain Skiing II condenses extreme skiing pioneer Dan Egan’s 40 years of ski experience into an approachable guide to help skiers of all abilities take their skills to the next level. The app features video demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for thirty-two exercises so skiers can master their body mechanics and balance in powder, on ice, and all the conditions and terrain in between. The All-Terrain Skiing II (ATS2) program includes a book (also available as an ebook) and a demonstrative app. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these resources will help you master your skiing mind, find expression in the mountains, and build your confidence. App users can purchase the book All Terrain Skiing II for more detail and description and then carry the app to the hill to practice.

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Goal: Finding your own path through the moguls


  1. Begin skiing in a mogul field. 

  2. Find your Angle of Entry.

  3. Pressure your uphill ski at the end of the turn.

  4. Use your pole point for your pole plant while keeping your eyes downhill. You go where you look, so look where you want to go. 

  5. Start skiing as wide as you like and as you gain confidence shorten your traverse and commit to a specific space and defined width.  

  6. Make 6-8 turns. Stop. Regroup. Do it again. 

  7. Try shortening the traverse until you are skiing the fall line. 

  8. Keep your eyes looking past obstacles and down the fall line.

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