Kick Turn, "A lost art"

At my camps and clinics I like to take a quick review of some basic skills and one of them is the “Kick Turn”.  As a boy I learned to kick turn in my back yard.  This was one of the first skills my older brothers drilled into me.  Over the years I have used this valuable skill to reverse my direction in a variety of situations.

Unfortunately many people have never learned the kick turn and your skiing agenda is limited if you don’t have this basic skill.  The Kick Turn allows you to peer over the edge, around the corner and gather information.  It also empowers you to retreat to safer ground, better snow and change direction on a dime.  This skill is as important as pole planting, edging and stopping.

The skill requires commitment.  Remember… K.I.C.K your way around to the Kick Turn.

Kick – Kick your downhill ski up and onto the tail

Inertia – The move is a fluid motion, once you start the kick turn you have to finish it

Commitment – You have to be totally committed to the kick turn or the mountain will reject your effort