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I’d like to recommend one of the best ski instruction eBook I’ve come across:

“Learn to Ski” by Martin Hekelman, a dedicated ski instructor and a long-time friend. Marty's passion for ski technique is unmatched. He is an innovator and was been pushing boundaries of ski teaching for decades and now has the best eBook out there!

There are lots of decent ski books but this is the only one that has video instruction rather than still photos for each lesson in addition to well written, detailed and clear understandable text. The book covers every level of skiing from showing how to walk on skis on day one to skiing in control on steep slopes, as well as how to ski on ice, slush and on moguls.

The book is designed as a ‘self teaching’ manual with each chapter building on the previous one and is well constructed. You should pick up lots of useful instruction no matter your skiing level. Of course nothing beats taking lessons but by reading and watching the instruction both before and after you take a lesson you will get much more from your lesson and make faster progress.

He also has another eBook that I can recommend for more advanced skiers, “Powder and Off-Piste Skiing”, that teaches how to ski powder and all types of off-piste snow conditions. The book has a chapter on Avalanche Awareness that anyone skiing out of bounds would benefit from.

This eBook also uses video instruction for each lesson in addition to the text. Martin also has four Apps for the iPhone and iPad called ‘SkiTips’ that cover all aspects of ski instruction. ‘SkiTips3’ (“Off-Piste and Powder”) covers much of the same instruction as in the eBook which you can download and bring with you on to the mountain to use as a reminder. Likewise the other 3 Apps for the different ski levels.

You can check out his website: for lots of free instruction and ski tips.

The SkiTips concept of teaching yourself to ski using modern media was pioneered over many years by Martin Heckelman (, the well-respected international Ski Instructor and writer, to transport his talents and wealth of experience to the broader public through books, videos and DVDs. Over the last five years, working together with Red Team Productions, that concept has been taken to an entirely new level with the SkiTips Apps Series and more recently with two eBooks.

The Series now covers every style of skiing including Ski Touring and Telemark skiing as well as Snowboarding with Olympic Medalist Mathieu Bozzetto. Starting with the solid foundation of Martin’s well tried and tested methods, we’ve been able to integrate text, video and audio into a clean, portable and interactive structure – a truly multi-media product. Your “Instructor in your Pocket!”

To contact Martin Heckelman:

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