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Check Out Dan's New Book!

What is “White Haze?” It’s the blurry reality of ambition and dreams morphing one’s passion into real, lived experiences. It’s a culmination of pursuing goals, living on the edge and graduating from the school of hard knocks.  

30 Years in a White Haze is the book that lets you experience spellbinding alpine skiing adventures through the biographical eyes of Dan Egan. The documented true stories will take your breath away!

This is one book that , brings the American brand of extreme sports, culture and lifestyle to the theater of your mind. Two boys from Boston, Dan Egan and his brother John, became icons of the fast-paced extreme skiing scene that emerged in the 1980s . They starred in over 14 Warren Miller films and were ailed for skiing the most remote regions of the world.

The Egan brothers glamourized this new sport by Americanizing it! They made history by taking risks in geopolitical hotspots at the time in such places as Turkey, Lebanon, Arctic Canada and behind the Iron Curtain in Russia, Romania, Yugoslavia and beyond.

30 Years of White Haze gives readers an insider’s view of how the extreme winter sports industry started and has evolved. Most interestingly, the book examines how dreams combined with ambition morph into the reality of conquering personal challenges and successfully living a dream.

Dan Egan describes coming through the blurry reality; the haze… “The ski bum lifestyle and the choices I made to live it almost killed me, and at the same time saved me, giving me an amazing life. It’s a rollercoaster to live the life you love. It can place you on the edge of economics, relationships, and community…”

“White Haze” will be released in October 2020. Reserve your autographed copy now and start dreaming about the 2020/2021 ski season!

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