Acceleration the unspoken fear of skiers

Acceleration is the unspoken fear of most skiers. The thought sits deep in our minds, that if I go to fast I will loose control. My goal to change the way you view acceleration by shifting the focus away from “going too fast” to concentrating on staying in balance.

How many times have you looked down a slope where the conditions were less than perfect, or the entrance to the tree run looked narrow and you thought what if I make a turn and end up going to fast…

This situation plays out time and time again because we fear blowing a turn or not being able to make the second turn to miss an obstacle such as a rock, stump or bump.

To fully grasp acceleration we have to resolve a few things. First off, skis accelerate because of the engineering, technology and materials that skis are made of.

Secondly, when we tune our skis, by waxing and sharpening the edges we making the skis go faster.