“Who skis with me at Skiclinics.com? You do!”

"Bluebird day skiing with Dan!"

“Bluebird day skiing with Dan!”

“Who skis with me at Skiclinincs.com, you do.  Skiers of all ages and abilities.  Families ski with me and that is so much fun for me to show siblings around mountains and down my favorite slopes.  Intermediate skiers hang with me in locations like France and over the week they reach new possibilities and break though the self imposed limitations.  Couples ski with me who are training for a big adventure.  College kids hang with me in Chile.
So why don’t you join me this winter and come discover the power of Skiclinics.om”

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Dan resides in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is available for private clinics throughout the world, and in New England . Dan welcomes teenagers and adults, either as individuals or groups.


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  1. On October 30, 2015 at 7:38 pm Dan Egan responded with... #

    It is always so amazing to me to see how much people love to ski. That energy is what generates the motivation for my groups to explore the mountains and for me to teach new skills that allow skiers to find a new level. Come as a group or come alone and meet like minded friends whole all love to ski.

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