The SkiClinics Difference

SkiClinics has a unique way of coaching. Not a crazy, unthinkable method, but rather a simple, inspiring method. The difference in SkiClinics’ coaching is an attention to the psychological state we dwell in when we ski. Take two days off for yourself to ski with the SkiClinics team and you will ski with an energy that you may have been taught out of over time. The coaching style embraces the strange, weird, and different feelings we have when skiing something new. In skiing with SkiClinics you quickly realize that a nice looking run results from pushing your own personal limits, because skiing is at its core experiential.

For instance, take the “Explore the Beast with Dan Egan” clinic running throughout this winter at Killington Ski Resort in Vermont. Imagine arriving at Killington on a classic eastern ski day and being greeted by the other enthusiastic people you will be skiing with over the next two days. In your company will be other coaches, instructors, parents, businessmen,  college students, people who ski fifteen days a year and people who ski eighty. The commonality among the group: everyone is excited to be there and ready to improve their own skiing.

So what’s the morning like with SkiClinics? First off, is the overlooked lesson on the importance of breathing. You may have had this lesson before in a yoga studio, but never on the slopes. See, the SkiClinics’ goal is for you to ski better, longer, and where you want to go and the first step is getting oxygen to your muscles and relaxing. The lesson won’t be about how to breathe, it will be to simply do it, which opens up immediate conversation among the group for several chair rides – how simple it is to relax and how much of an impact it has on your confidence. This will be a funny realization because we forget the basics of having a good time – confidently relaxed. SkiClinics will show you that skiing is not about being apprehensive over what to do, it is about complimenting the mountain in your own way. As skiers we are meant to channel our energy, not to control it. You learn this first with remembering to breathe; the first of many simple lessons you pick up with SkiClinics.

What is empowering about skiing with SkiClinics is their commitment to a personalized experience and their understanding of what is realistic. American Olympic skier Bode Miller will admit (beyond our own belief) that he is skiing a great run when 50% of his turns are good turns. That means for us mere mortals (SkiClinics coaches included), if we are doing 25% good turns, than we are skiing the run of our lives.  This freeing mentality combined with accepting that what is accepted as the “absolute right way” is not necessarily what is right for you, allows for you to ski in your own way.  Utilizing Weem’s Sports Diamond for self diagnosis you will learn that if you know why you ski, understand your attachment to the mountain around you, and are willing to do what it takes to ski better, than the technique will follow in suit.

SkiClinics’ creatively different coaching continues with the permission that our natural range of motion is in fact ski technique. Is skiing skeletal or muscular? SkiClinics doesn’t get there. It’s not how they think about skiing. They teach the feeling of skiing – maximize your movements, duplicate, internalize, and the learning will follow. If your committed to whatever it is your skiing purpose is, you will discover a rejuvenated wildness in your skiing – maybe not Dan Egan’s Wild World of Winter material, but wild in your own way.


After experiencing a day with SkiClinics you will be left saying, “Wow, I can’t believe I can do that!”.

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