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Mountain Washington Conditions Report

Over the last three weeks I have been up on Mount Washington five times and two of those trips were to the summit.  The conditions on the Snowfields are good from below the summit.  There is no more skiing from the summit.  The east facing snowfields are good but with all of this warm weather I expect them to deteriorate over the next few weeks.

The Ravine has gone from winter to complete spring conditions over the last 10 days, there is now open water on the head wall and small cracks showing on the head wall.  With that said, the skiing is excellent spring conditions from the snowfields down to the head wall and chute.  You have to hike into both right and left gully if skiing from the snowfields.

The Lobster Claw, Right, Left, Chute and Head Wall are all skiing great, the hiking conditions are fine but watch for undermining snow around all rocks outcroppings. It is no longer an option to ski from the bowl to Hermit Lake Hut. The hike up from the AMC Parking lot is completely snow covered. Skinning from the bottom and skiing down the Sherburne trail is great.  The Sherburne is showing signs of dirt on the last few corners but other than that skiing is spring conditions and FUN.

So come on up and ski this spring, its been a great winter with lots of snow making spring skiing on Mount Washington the best its been in April in May in a long time.  Please come on up and join me on Fridays in the May and on other day upon request.

I’ll be up there again 4/29/11 and will report back.


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  1. On April 30, 2011 at 11:03 am Dan responded with... #

    Well the last skin up and ski down to the base is over. Last weeks rains washed that part of the experience away. The headwall is showing signs of late spring with lots of open water and big cracks. Everyone in the bowl should be on the watch for falling ice. The snow is holding up on the left gully and chute. Right gully and Lobster Claw can no longer be skied from the top. The bright spot for snow currently is Hillman’s. From the top the snow is holding up and this will be a great bet moving forward into May. Come on out for one more ski this spring, join me on May 7th!

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