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Killington “Ski the Beast” Weekend Big Hit

Group excited after a day of ripping!

Thanks to all the skiers who came out this weekend for the 3rd Dan Egan “Ski the Beast” weekend at Killington.  We had a blast!  8 skiers on Saturday and we grew to 10 skiers on Sunday.  With the help of Killington Ski Instructor John Lamb we had video, amazing demos and tour guide.

The conditions were great all weekend, Saturday was warm and the snow was creamy, Sunday with a bit colder temps we had grippy surfaces which were perfect for our our range of motion drills and top to bottom runs.

Check out for Sports Diamond and send Weems a thank you note for providing the foundation of our “purpose, touch, will and technique.  Do come on out and ski with me this winter, plenty of opportunities at both Killington and Big Sky.  Or if you want to organize a private group let me know.

With conditions the way they are, instruction is a great way to spice up your day and expand your skill level!!

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