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Early Season Ripping


With yet another great loss in the ski world with the passing of Jamie Pierre in an avalanche in Utah, please remember that early season ripping has its hazards.  Here are my top ten things to be aware of for early season snow fall.

  1. Check your equipment make sure your bindings are working
  2. Untracked snow in Nov and early Dec is Mother Nature way of sweeping things under the rug
  3. Ski good or eat wood
  4. In December remember the days are short, the season is long
  5. Don’t be stampeded by the herd mentality
  6. Stop above water bars and mountain roads
  7. No BLT’s (Bad Last Turns)
  8. If you’re over 40 and you think you’re as good as you were in your 20’s….you weren’t very good in your 20’s
  9. Rock, Stumps and Bumps are buried yet
  10. Savor the mountains, your friends, family and give thanks for the blessings in your life.

We will miss you Jamie, may God bless your family in their time of need!


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