First fall of the season

Dan takes his fall of the season

  I’m never ready for a fall, especially the first fall of the season. But it happened on my first day, skiing down between the bumps and the ice, and then bam! It happened so quickly. I went down hard on my left side with my arm tucked in tight against my body—the impact was […]

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The Power of Powder

Skiers leave their mark on the powder slopes of Val-d'Isère, France. PHOTO BY DAN EGAN

At the core of every winter morning, even before the coffee is poured, the possibility of fresh tracks is the motivation for most skiers and riders. A pristine powder slope sparkling with snow diamonds is a vision that is hard to forget. That same slope with arcing tracks on it tells the world that we […]

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  I’d like to recommend one of the best ski instruction ebook I’ve come across: “Learn to Ski” by Martin Hekelman, a dedicated ski instructor and a long-time friend.  Marty’s passion for ski technique is unmatched.  He is an innovator and was been pushing boundaries of ski teaching for decades and now has the best […]

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Stay Compacted in the Steep and Narrow

Dan Egan staying compacted in the steep and narrow of Big Sky Resort’s Headwaters Cirque. PHOTO BY JEN BENNETT/RUMBLE PRODUCTIONS

Ski conditions and terrain vary, and you need to be quick on your edges to adjust to these changes. In steep and narrow terrain, such as chutes and couloirs, stay compact so you can react from turn to turn. By staying low and centered over your skis you’ll be in a better position to respond […]

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Mastering the Mind in Moguls

Joe Nacka the "Zen Master"

Years ago the Zen “Master of Moguls,” Joe Nacka, shared with me how to master the mind in moguls. “The key to skiing moguls is to relax and the key to relaxing is to breathe,” Nacka said. “And remember, mogul skiing is a state of being, not doing, free of self judgment and critical thinking.” […]

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Head and Shoulders are crucial in the steeps

Look down the hill

When it comes to ripping the steeps, your head and shoulders are the key to maintaining proper body position, and there are a few important factors to remember. Looking down the hill with your shoulders square to the slope will allow you to focus on the direction you want to go, and also keep your […]

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Are your ski legs ready?

It seems that no matter how many miles we rode our bikes, or number of ski conditioning classes we attended, our legs always feel the burn early in the ski season.   There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that the ski movement is hard to duplicate off of the snow, […]

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How is your radius?


It’s time for a radius check: If you’re looking for speed and edge control from green to double black diamond slopes then start to focus on the radius of your turns. Radius can be a forgotten element of our skiing and unless round turns are practiced they can be hard to execute when we need […]

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Feet together, back in style!


By Dan Egan & Picture credit © Jen Bennett EBS Contributor What is old is new again, and skiing with your legs together is back in style. Wide or “fat” skis have brought us many benefits and they’ve made more of the mountain accessible to more skiers. When it comes to skiing powder, cut-up snow […]

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Floating Between The Turns


Floating between turns By Dan Egan New England Ski Journal Contributor The moment between turns is magical. It’s a time of detachment from what was and what will be; a feeling of weightlessness generated by the energy of the last turn mixed with a freedom of floating through time and space. If you want to […]

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